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Why you are accumulating body fat on the stomach?! (three key ti
On a daily basis I see people who accumulate body fat around their abdominal area who think that 1000 back breaking sit-ups per day will improve the fat that lies on the top of the abdominal wall. Unfortunatly NOT. Therefore, its interesting to know why we accumulate body fat on a specific area. From 100's of case studie... read more
Vitamin D deficiency may be limiting your health
  Vitamin D is responsible for the intestinal absorption of calcium and phosphate. Therefore you may be getting enough calcium but if you go to work in the dark and get home in the dark you certainly won't be getting any vitamin D.   While it's esti... read more
Fish oil, probiotics and other nutrients may improve lunge funct
Significant reductions in ashma have been shown in a study from Taiwan. The supplement contained fish oil, probiotics and many other micronutrients from fruit and vegetables. These ingredients to the supplement have shown significant effects on the improvement in lung function. Further to this, the children in the study improved th... read more
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